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Integrated Marketing and Data Collaboration

case of use
  1. Optimization of the CPGs value chain and category management
  2. Audience data/media monetization - retail media networks
  3. Customers management with other partners (Telecom, Banks, 3rd parties, etc.)
  4. CPGs customer insights projects with - cleanrooms
  5. Omnichannel communications
    (web, app, in-store)
  1. A 5-20% profit increase through joint optimization (Category management and supply chains)
  2. Generation of additional sales with more efficient ads targeted at the retailer’s audience + additional revenue stream
  3. Acqusition of new customers from your partners’ audiences (telecom, 3rd parties)

Cleanroom for Joint Optimization

Combining the retailer’s and CPG data for joint optimization
  • Joint forecasting and replenishment optimization
  • Category management optimization: pricing, promo, assortment
  • New product development

Enabling Integrated Data-driven Advertisement and Marketing with CPGs for Common Growth

A secure end-to-end platform for insight generation,
ad management, and cooperative marketing activities

Customer Data Platform & Communications


Loyalty Management

Collaboration with Other Partners

Securely match your audiences with the partners’ audiences,
combine your and the partners’ knowledge to find new
customers, cross-sell and build loyalty

Customer Acquisition

  • Secure audience matching with your partners
  • Look-alike models

Cross/Up-Sell Opportunities

  • Direct CPG audiences integration with the retailers’
    and other partners’ databases

Insights and Analytics

  • Collaboration with customer research companies
    (e.g. Nielsen, IRI), media agencies, TV analytics, etc.
Using Intel SGX has allowed us to build a platform that can securely and privately process data from a variety of partners. This allows us all to collaborate better and create more effective advertising campaigns for our customers. Our team is extremely excited about the upcoming enhancements to Intel SGX that will make the secure enclaves capable of handling even more data, making it possible for us to further scale our data management platform.
Aggregion offers advertisers a new possibility to find real customers within their category, as well as analyze and improve audience targeting accuracy for online sales, while also increasing the effectiveness of offline sales. An open and easy-to-understand self-service platform represents a new development in this area. We’re certain that this is just the start of the journey. Considering Magnit’s scope, development of this platform will provide the industry with many more useful results.
Through our partnership with Magnit, we are expanding the capabilities of our marketing ecosystem. Brands will be able to analyze how the campaigns targeting Magnit's customers affect sales in the chain's stores nationwide, evaluating the importance of the channel in the overall business strategy. Attributing O2O-conversion to the retailer's loyalty program is another step in the development of omnichannel tools and an additional opportunity to make campaigns more effective and personalized.
Collaboration of the Magnit and Romir data systems will allow obtaining data for the purposes of building marketing communications targeted at an audience formed not on the basis of a stigma, but on the basis of actual purchasing behavior confirmed by real consumer receipts. This will allow Magnit to improve the effectiveness of its own marketing campaigns, as well as provide the market — brands and advertising agencies — with a tool to finetune their communications with customers.
Additional revenue stream
for large retailers on audience
data monetization
Profit increase optimizing
with shared data

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