Loyalty Management

Ask, Engage and Reward
Your Customers

Based on the Enriched Customer Knowledge
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Construct any Audience Using CDP/CleanRoom Solution
and Interact with them

Gather customer feedback

Conduct detailed surveys

Reward them within your
loyalty program

Distribute targeted coupon

Settle accounts with your
loyalty partners

Customer Surveys

  • Interactive surveys
  • Rich media, graphics
  • Self-service survey designer
  • Real-time analytics
  • Embedded AB audience split and reports
  • CRM integration for customer points accrual


  • Distribute personalized coupons
    to your or your partners audience
  • Use partners app and other media channels

Decentralized Points Processing

Avoid any disputes with your loyalty partners, automate points calculation, grant user benefits
in real-time using decentralized smart contracts
  • Automated instant points calculation according
    to rules specified in signed smart contracts
  • Manage points exchange rates
  • Integration with partners CRM for rules
    and points exchange
Using Intel SGX has allowed us to build a platform that can securely and privately process data from a variety of partners. This allows us to all collaborate better and create more effective advertising campaigns for customers. Our team is extremely excited about the upcoming enhancements to Intel SGX that will allow the secure enclaves to handle even more data, meaning we can further scale our data management platform.
Aggregion offers advertisers a new possibility to find real customers for their category and analyze and improve audience targeting accuracy for online sales and increase effectiveness for offline sales. An open and easy-to-understand self-service platform represents a new development in this area. We’re certain that this is just the start of the journey. Considering Magnit’s scope, development of this platform will provide the industry with many more useful results.
"The development of systems in terms of interaction with marketing technologies is a priority for Beeline. At the moment there are not many solutions that allow combining the knowledge of different companies about their clients. And we hope that our cooperation will make it possible to consolidate all the expertise of the market and create an effective system for working with data from different vendors."
“At the moment, there are not many solutions that enable different companies to combine knowledge about their customers. And for Beeline, development of a system to support its marketing communications is a priority. We hope that our cooperation with Aggregion will allow us to consolidate all market expertise and create a truly effective system for working with data from various data partners. "

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