Customer Data Platform & Communications

Single Platform for Cooperation on Customer Data

  • Single customer ID across all channels and partners
  • Secure live audience matching
  • User consent management
  • Ad platforms and partners media channels support
  • End-to-end audience data monetization solution
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Expand Your Audience and Realize Upselling Opportunities in Mutually Beneficial Data Cooperations

Create a Single Customer ID

Across channels and partners

Form an Enriched Customer Profile

Based on your and partners’ data

Create Matched Audiences

Using audience designers or Cleanrooms

Communicate with Target Audience

Via ad platforms and other media channels

Measure Ad Impact

Combining data from partners

Manage User Consent

And communication preferences

Monetize Your Audience Data

Providing secure access for Ad targeting
and analytics

Create an Enriched Customer Profile. Find and Target Your Customers

  • Build your data networks, granting appropriate access to your data partners
  • Match your audience data using deterministic
    and probabilistic ID matching
  • Combine partners’ attributes in live mode
  • Expand audiences using embedded or custom look-alike models
  • Order reports from your partners for your specific audience without disclosing it

Manage User Consent and Communication Preferences

  • Connect Aggregion with your consent
    gathering tools
  • Manage permissions for your partners
    and communication quotas
  • Optimize their usage

Run Campaigns on Digital Platforms

  • Use ad platforms like Google or Facebook or your own or partners communication channels
  • Optimize performance using personalization based on your and your partners’ data

Measure Ad Impact

  • Securely combine ad impressions and sales data
  • Run automatic AB split testing and data cleansing
  • Use cleanroom solution to measure impact
    on customer level

Monetize Your Audience’s Data

  • Use end-to-end tool for secure data monetization
  • Manage partners’ permissions, share audiences
    to Ad platform accounts, gather impressions statistics and bill partners using CPM/CPA models
  • Provide Cleanroom solutions for secure advanced modeling on your data

Single Platform for Cooperation on Customer Data

Embedded Cleanroom Solution

End-to-end Data Monetization Process Support

At the moment, there are not many solutions that enable different companies to combine knowledge about their customers. And for Beeline, development of a system to support its marketing communications is a priority. We hope that our cooperation with Aggregion will allow us to consolidate all market expertise and create a truly effective system for working with data from various data partners.
Magnit is one of the largest retail chains in the world and is using confidential containers to pilot a multi-party confidential data analysis solution through Aggregion’s digital marketing platform. The solution focuses on creating insights captured and computed through secured confidential computing to protect customer and partner data within their loyalty program.

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