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DataLabs & CleanRoom

Building and Running Models using Joint Data

In the end-to-end secure environment
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One Platform for Launching and Streamlining Data Collaboration with any Parties

  • Partners’ data is connected using a virtual DWH
  • Data is accessible via data catalogs
    and marketplaces, which may be used for data discovery, data modeling, running models with shared data,
    and activating results in communication channels
    and processes
  • A trusted execution environment is used for secure
    data calculations
  • A decentralized protocol is used for managing metadata, rights and permissions, scripts approval, billing,
    and other actions

Build ML Models, get Insights Working with Joint Data with Your Partners Without Sharing the Data or Losing Control Over it


Connect Your Data

Register it in the data catalog. Grant permissioned access to your partners

Order Partners’ Datasets

Using the Data marketplace

Develop and Train ML Models

In a protected datalabs VMs using depersonalized data

Automate Calculations

In a Cleanroom with full scale data

Activate Results

In communications, processes and analytics

Connect your data

Register it in the data catalog. Grant permissioned access to your partners
  • Use the platform’s database or your own one
    (Virtual Data Warehouse)
  • Work with structured and semi-structured data
  • Define the necessary distortion methods
  • Publish and describe your data
  • Grant access to the specific partners
    and collaboration cases

Structure Your Partners’ Data

Using the data marketplace
  • Select the necessary partners’ data and order it
  • Extract the partners’ data for modeling into
    protected datalabs
  • Use direct P2P data exchange if approved
    by the partners

Develop and Train
ML Models

In a protected datalabs VMs using depersonalized data
  • Use a familiar working environment
  • The system automatically depersonalizes the data
    and applies distortion models
  • Discover your partners’ data, upload additional data, build models
  • Publish results as scripts, audiences, or reports

Automate Calculations

In CleanRoom with full scale data
  • Review and approve scripts to be executed on a full scale with your data
  • Order scripts for scheduled execution or evoke them using API
  • Control their execution using logs
  • Avoid any disputes with logs stored
    at an immutable ledger

Activate Results

In communications, processes, and analytics
  • Provide joint data  insights to your partners with a secure BI
  • Use API to integrate calculations into
    your processes
  • Use the resulting audiences
    in the communication engine
  • Create BI analytics or add other features
    to your database (such as underwriting scores)
  • Activate audience data
    on communication platforms

A trusted Environment for Working
with Any Parties

  • Perform calculations with two
    or more parties
  • Use decentralized smart contracts to manage access and restrictions
  • Have full control over
    all operations using
    an immutable ledger

Variability of Calculations

  • Use familiar programming languages: Python, R, PySparc, Scala, Java, and others
  • Work with structured
    and semi-structured data
  • Run any number
    of simultaneous calculations

Security and Privacy by Design

  • Hardware based encryption using Intel SGX
  • Build models with depersonalized datasets
    in a protected environment
  • Train models in datalabs or fully confidentially in cleanrooms
  • Execute models in cleanrooms
  • Have your personal data protected and invisible
Using Intel SGX has allowed us to build a platform that can securely and privately process data from a variety of partners. This allows us all to collaborate better and create more effective advertising campaigns for our customers. Our team is extremely excited about the upcoming enhancements to Intel SGX that will make the secure enclaves capable of handling even more data, making it possible for us to further scale our data management platform.
The Aggregion solution will allow us to unite efforts in search for the most effective methods of working with a joint client base within a framework of absolute security and confidentiality for both commercially significant information and personal data.

Enterprise Readiness

Easy Collaboration Among Enterprises

  • Use enterprise decentralized protocols & Intel SGX
  • Control the processes
    with the central
    administration console
  • Manage your applications
    on Kubernetes
  • Stay safe with authentication protocols (Oath, AD)

Flexible Deployment Options

  • Select the side to host your data lab and the enclave
    to perform calculations
  • Choose between cloud
    or on-premise infrastructure

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