Customers and, more importantly, loyal customers are a retailer’s biggest asset. But while it is crucial to attract new customers, retaining existing and past customers is ultimately more important for long-term retailer profitability is vital that customers know their preferred retailer understands them and their preferences, and can provide them with a personalised shopping experience.

Placing advertisements in print and online is one of the most successful marketing tactics retailers can use to attract customers to try new products, as well as marketing existing products with new offers. However, unless these ads are highly relevant to the customer and are not repeated too many times, this approach is not only frustrating to the customer but can also impact brand loyalty.

It is therefore critical that ads are targeted to the right audience and at the right frequency to truly have beneficial results. This paper discusses the ability to quickly identify target audiences to drive new campaigns and how a multi-faceted view of the customer helps to achieve maximum relevance. Data is at the heart of the solution and in this paper we will discuss the ability to share data across multiple partners, without comprising data security.