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Help us Shape and Power a New Environment for Collaborations on Big Data

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Our goal is to give new impetus
to cooperation in the big data market.
We aspire to make the relationships between people and companies more trusting and transparent

Our vision is based on two pillars - personal control and shared effort

We work on the cutting edge of technology, conduct joint R&D with the largest technology companies, including Intel
and Microsoft

We implement our solutions in various industries, including FMCG, retail, banking and insurance, telecom and adtech, media and government sector, and we are always open to expansion and innovations


We use a variety of software, runtime environments
and database management systems to ensure
that your work is efficient and your data is secure

About Aggregion

We are a team of passionate professionals from all over the world who develop
world-class solutions
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Our Values

Focus on Impact

The products we make help our customers revolutionize their approach, integrate new business models and achieve ultimate success


We work hard both to create a safe environment conducive to mutual respect and collaboration and gain
our clients’ complete trust


Our decentralized approach helps
us stay off the beaten track
and discover new perspectives.
We welcome bold ideas and thinking outside the box


With the enthusiasm of a startup
and the thoroughness of a big player, we are always ready to build and rebuild from scratch to offer the best tailored solutions


We keep up to date with all new ideas  in our field to improve our product
and offer exactly what our clients need at the moment

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