Solution Highlights

Online Solutions

Digital Library Portal

The online library portal allows educational institutions and organizations to buy or rent digital content

Web Stores

A customized online solution allows clients to quickly set up their own web store powered by Aggregion technology

Product Management

Track Product Usage

Organizations may track which digital products they have acquired and the actual usage statistics

Combine Products

Any existing products may be combined to create new products: Digital+Digital and Physical+Digital

Define Your Product

Customize the content items in your catalogue: flexible metadata, descriptions, covers, etc.

New Distribution Channels

Sell Digital At Offline Retail

Connecting digital distributors and traditional retailers at Point Of Sale through the Aggregion platform

Use Digital In Marketing

Effective marketing campaigns may be launched using digital products as a promotion tool

Digital Cross-Selling

Adding digital products to the package makes traditional products and services more attractive to customers

Business Models

Pay-to-Own or Subscription

Products may be acquired or subscribed to for an extended period of time governed by variety of licensing conditions

Pay-Per-Use Model

The library model allows products to be «rented» for a limited time and pay only for the actual time use.

Azure License Storage

Microsoft Azure based license storage model manages access permissions based on licensing parameters.