Decentralized Data Products

Resolving the issue of trust and security to develop products built on joint first party data

Aggregion resolves the problem of trust and secure data cooperation

It is often said that data is the new oil, the most lucrative new commodity on the market today. Major customer-facing companies collect tremendous amounts of data — big data. It is a vast global repository of first party data. But this repository is highly fragmented — no company has the full Customer Portrait 360.

Here in Aggregion we have developed technology to securely match data from different companies without them losing control or transferring the data to any central repository. The data never leaves their servers and the process is fully transparent and auditable to participants. The result are vast opportunities for ecosystem cooperation and product building.


Global Clients

Among our clients are some of the world's top brands, mobile service providers, retail chains, and advertising agencies.

Approved by Industry Leaders

All data security technologies are developed in close cooperation with Microsoft and Intel.

No Central Node

Solution is fully decentralized and operates without a central hub. Data never leaves the participants’ own servers.

Security and Protection

All joint products are based on secure enclave technology developed in cooperation with Microsoft and Intel.

Immutable Digital Contracts

All conditions and rules are committed to smart contracts and all transactions are written on blockchain.

Transparency and Visibility

Verifiable code and scripts open to each participant and may be checked for consistency for IT policies.


  • Marketing and Advertising

    Integrated ecosystem marketing built on multi-source data, direct integration of audiences between participants and availability of additional services 

    • Customer Data Platform (CDP) built for integrating customer data from various sources (CRM, websites, mobile applications, social networks, and more)
    • Networking partners’ CDP data to enable analytics of their audiences
    • Advertising management tools: ultra-precision targeting, personalization, measuring effectiveness of advertising across all communication channels
    • Live integration with consumer panels for accurate research across any audience
    • Monetization of participants’ data and media
    • Client analytics built on partners’ data
    • Marketplace of first party data, integration of live audiences
  • Analytics

    Live business intelligence based on the data from multiple participants (including direct competitors) without transferring data between participants

    • Benchmarks and market analytics
    • Detailed reports on sales performance and multi-channel market conditions based on live sales data
    • Present sales situation and dynamics by product category
    • Structured and statistically processed sales data consolidated into category reports
    • Instant online assessment of market shares in product categories and drivers for change
    • Multi-channel purchase decision tree
    • Financial and insurance client scoring; lead generation (based on partner audiences)
  • Ecosystems and Partnerships

    Solutions for product development and data collaboration between participants belonging the same and different business ecosystems

    • Building integrated ecosystems in cooperation with business units of the company, other companies within the group, and other partner companies
    • Prediction analysis can forecast the future interests and needs of consumers to facilitate advance offers
    • Assisting in building partnerships, creating synergy and business opportunities between participants of the Aggregion platform
    • Creating unique joint products to expand the range of services available to customers, ensure a seamless user experience and offer personalization
    • Projects to create ecosystem opportunities between financial companies, retailers, telecommunication companies, medical services, e-commerce, real estate, transport and logistics, insurance, entertainment, video on demand, and others
  • Media and Digital Content

    Solutions for integrating partners’ media and managing digital content distribution

    • Connect and manage partners’ media inventory
    • Connecting publisher networks
    • Media content distribution management
    • Bundling of physical and digital products
    • Integration of digital products and media into the loyalty program
  • User Services

    Empowering consumers to have transparency and control over their data

    • End-to-end user consent management
    • Coupons, surveys and other marketing instruments
    • User services and assistants tools


  • Retail

    Optimization of Targeting in Digital Marketing
    30-50% decrease of expense on digital inventory;  2-5% increase in promo sales.

    Monetization of Data and Media

    Advancing Partnerships with Suppliers
    Direct integration with audiences. Coupons, analytics, joint projects using Aggregion DataLabs.

    Step Up in Own Marketing and Analytics
    Client segmentation, data enrichment, built in research modules from analytical agencies, and more.

  • CPG Manufacturers

    Aggregion enables the CPG manufacturers to analyze customer data in a single platform, seamlessly work with multiple retailers, communicate with customers through any channels, measure the effectiveness of advertising using O2O and other reports

    CDP Integration of customer data and contacts from all channels. Communication with the client through any advertising platforms

    Collaboration with a retailer: targeting, customer analytics, general analytical projects

    Accurate measurements of advertising performance both online and offline

  • Banks and Insurance

    Gain new customers from the audiences of platform participants, including using the consumer portrait 360 and preliminary scoring

    Integrate the data from company groups and organize ecosystems with partners (motor vehicles, real estate, medicine, etc.)

    Conduct customer scorings using the customer portrait 360

  • Telecom
  • Media
  • Data Suppliers


  • Audience Designer Tool
    Flexible Audience Designer

    Combine consumer attributes from different data suppliers to create target audiences for use in digital advertising and other products

    Consumer Attributes

    Social demographics, geography, purchases by product category, interests, events, retail visits, and many other attribute groups

  • Online to Offline Conversion Report
    Online Performance Report

    Views, Clickthroughs, Playbacks, CTR, VTR and other indicators to assess performance of your digital ads on multiple platforms

    Conversion to Retail Sales

    Customizable reports: combine segments, audiences, data, advertising platforms, retail points of sale, product categories, sales geography, social demographics, and more.

Case Studies

  • Digital Marketing

    Aggregion resolves the issue of trust with a decentralized data exchange platform.

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  • Promotional in Retail

    Promotional campaign using the Aggregion platforms' digital+physical capability.

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  • Loyalty in Telecom

    Promotions using digital content complementary with telecom subscriptions plans.

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  • Loyalty in Retail

    Promotional campaigns bridging digital and physical for loyalty participants

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  • Digital+Physical

    Combining consumer products with digital content and track each individual sale.

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Latest News

  • Mar 11 2021

    Aggregion and Beeline Announce Partnership

    Aggregion partners with Beeline, the third largest national telecommunications company in Europe

  • Jan 18 2021

    Confidential Computing with Intel® SGX Delivers Personal Shopping

    A new white paper on the Aggregion / Intel partnership to revolutionize personal shopping

  • Nov 30 2020

    “The new world of shopping, made in Central and Eastern Europe”

    A mention about Aggregion and Magnit in Microsoft Europe story

  • Nov 23 2020

    Microsoft Interviews Aggregion CEO and Founder

    Nukri Basharuli speaks about the future of Aggregion and the big data market

  • Oct 22 2020

    Aggregion Connects to G-Labs Cloud

    Aggregion expands the coverage for the Intel SGX solution with G-Core Labs cloud.

  • Oct 14 2020

    Intel SGX Enables Magnit to Create a Trusted Computing Environment

  • Oct 14 2020

    Aggregion Goes To Microsoft Ignite 2020

    The Aggregion / Magnit multi-party data solution was featured prominently.

  • Jul 13 2020

    Aggregion Wins Microsoft Partner of the Year

    We have won the country-level Microsoft Partner of the Year Award!

  • Jul 10 2020

    Introducing Support For Microsoft ACC

    Magnit and Aggregion launched Azure Confidential Computing data processing capabilities as part of the Magnit CDP

  • Jul 07 2020

    Aggregion Adds Intel SGX To Secure Enclave Matching

    Intel® Software Guard Extensions Technology helps protect the Magnit digital marketing platform

  • Dec 16 2019

    Magnit Launches Aggregion Platform for Digital Marketing

    Russian super retail chain launches the first decentralized digital marketing platform aimed to improve targeting accuracy