Decentralized Data
Cooperation Platform

Powered by Confidential Computing

Any scenarios for data cooperation in a secure
and trusted environment

  • Building and running ML models
  • Customer data management and communications
  • Business partnerships and ecosystems
  • Loyalty management and others
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Magnit is one of the largest retail chains in the world and is using confidential containers to pilot a multi-party confidential data analysis solution through Aggregion’s digital marketing platform.
We Combined Decentralized Protocol with Confidential Computing to Allow Trusted and Secure Cooperation Amongst any Partners

Trust with Aggregion Protocol

  • Partners’ rights and permissions
  • Metadata
  • Approved scripts
  • Immutable operations logs

Confidentiality with Trusted Execution Environment

  • Partners authorization using
    external server
  • Hardware-based encryption,
    with no external access
  • Confidential computing cluster
    with any number of parties

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Aggregion Works

Decentralized confidential
computing without data sharing

Secure Joint Calculations

  • Source data never leaves partners’ premises nor disclosed
  • Secure enclaves' technology guarantees confidentiality of joint calculations at the hardware level

Any Data, any Scenarios

  • Applications support end-to-end process from partners’ data discovery to its activation
    in media channels

Convenient Approach

  • Work with real data, not its proxies
  • Use modeling tools you
    get used to

Fast and Flexible Deployment

  • Days to start your data cooperationCloud or on premise
  • Available at Azure marketplace
  • Advanced API

Trusted Cooperation with any Partners

  • With full control over all operations and data using decentralized protocol


DataLabs & CleanRoom

End-to-end process for building
and running models on joint data
in one secure environment
  • Maximum level of data security
  • No disclosure of personal data
  • Developing and training models on real data — no aggregates or proxies
  • Vast variety of calculations possible
  • Secure P2P data exchange
  • MLOps paradigm
  • Enterprise reliability
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Customer Data Platform & Communications

Expand your audience and realize upselling opportunities in mutually beneficial
data cooperations
  • Single customer ID across all channels and partners
  • Live audience matching through combining customer profile data
    from partners
  • Ad platforms and partners’ media channels integration
  • Ad impact measurement - combining data from partners
  • End-to-end audience data
    monetization process
  • MLOps paradigm
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Loyalty Management

Ask, engage and reward customers based on the enriched knowledge
  • Communicate with, engage
    and reward customers
  • Gather customer feedback
  • Distribute targeted coupons
  • Settle accounts with your partners
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of companies are planning
to form some data collaborations
total estimated revenue
of network economy by 2025


Use Cases

  • Data/media monetization
  • Joint forecasting and category management with CPGs
  • Customer insights projects with CPGs
  • Omnichannel communications (web, app, in-store)


  • 5-20% profit growth using joint optimization (Category management and supply chains)
  • Additional sales generated with more efficient Ads targeted at retailer’s audience
  • Additional revenue stream from data/media monetization
  • New customers using partners’ audiences
    (telco, 3rd parties)
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Use Cases

  • Data cooperation with retailers (insights, data modeling, operations optimization)
  • Digital ad management using retailer’s data
  • Customer insights with integrated research
    panels and others


  • 5-20% profit growth using joint optimization (Category management and supply chains)
  • Additional sales generated with more efficient Ads targeted at retailer’s audience
  • Additional revenue stream from data/media monetization
  • New customers using partners’ audiences
    (telco, 3rd parties)
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Use Cases

  • Business partnerships and ecosystems
  • Customer acquisitions using partners’ audiences
  • Underwriting models improvement
  • Fraud management


  • $60T total estimated revenue of network economy by 2025
  • 60% of the US banks we surveyed said they were likely
    to form or join an ecosystem
  • 20%+ increase in underwriting accuracy using retail
    and telco data
  • Acquisition of new customers in cooperation
    with telco/retail
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Use Cases

  • Audience data monetization – ads and marketing
  • Secure client data onboarding
  • Omnichannel communications
  • Online-to-offline conversions
  • Integrated customer analytics


  • Significant revenue stream ($ mln.)
  • Adtech value proposition improvement
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Use Cases

  • Cookieless client ID, privacy preserving identity graphs
    with cleanroom solution. Secure client matching
  • Secure client data onboarding
  • Ad audience measurement and profiling
    (TV and other channels)


  • Significant revenue stream ($ mln.)
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Featured clients
The award“ Partner of the Year in Russia ”is international recognition of the company's competence in the field of digital transformation, and also confirms Aggregion's deep expertise in the field of Microsoft technologies and the high level of customer service provided by the partner. We hope that Aggregion will continue to develop its own solutions based on Microsoft technologies in order to help Russian enterprises implement new business models and achieve new results in dynamic markets.
At the moment, there are not many solutions that enable different companies to combine knowledge about their customers. And for Beeline, development of a system to support its marketing communications is a priority. We hope that our cooperation with Aggregion will allow us to consolidate all market expertise and create a truly effective system for working with data from various data partners.
Using Intel SGX has allowed us to build a platform that can securely and privately process data from a variety of partners. This allows us to all collaborate better and create more effective advertising campaigns for customers. Our team is extremely excited about the upcoming enhancements to Intel SGX that will allow the secure enclaves to handle even more data, meaning we can further scale our data management platform.
The Aggregion solution will allow us to unite efforts to find the most effective methods of working with a joint client base within the framework of absolute security and confidentiality of both commercially significant information and complete protection of personal data.
We’ve been really impressed with what Magnit has done with Aggregion to protect their customer data in the loyalty programs, they’re using SGX in some very creative ways to make sure that they can leverage the customer data in terms of analytics, spending patterns and interests to better present options to their customers and yet not expose their customer their private to anyone else
Aggregion offers advertisers a new possibility to find real customers for their category and analyze and improve audience targeting accuracy for online sales and increase effectiveness for offline sales. An open and easy-to-understand self-service platform represents a new development in this area. We’re certain that this is just the start of the journey. Considering Magnit’s scope, development of this platform will provide the industry with many more useful results.
Every company needs an intelligent 360-degree view of its customer, but this information is stored in many disparate databases. The Aggregion confidential computing protocol and the products based on it allow all customers to guarantee the safety and confidentiality of data when working on them together.

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