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End-to-end process for building and running models on joint data in one secure environment

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Trusted by largest Banks, Telco and Retailers

  • Plug your data. Register it in data catalog. Grant permissioned access to your partners
  • Use the data catalog to order partners’ dataset for modeling
  • Develop and train ML models in protected data labs environment on depersonalized data
  • Industrialize calculations in cleanrooms on full scale data
  • Activate your results in communications, processes and analytics


Plug and register your data

  • Use the platform’s or your own databases (Virtual Data Warehouse).
  • Publish and describe your data.
  • Define necessary distortion methods.
  • Grant access to the specific partners and collaboration cases.

Order partners’ data

  • Pick the necessary partners’ data and make an order for it
  • Extract partners’ data for modeling into protected data labs
  • Use direct P2P data exchange if agreed by the partners

Develop and train models

  • Wait until the system automatically depersonalizes the data and applies distortion models
  • Discover partners’ data, upload additional data if necessary to start building models
  • Publish results as scripts, audiences or reports.  
    Launch models in cleanrooms
  • Publish results as scripts, audiences or reports

Launch models in cleanrooms

  • Review and approve the scripts to be executed full-scale on your data and wait for other   partners to do the same.
  • Put the scripts on schedule for execution or evoke them using API
  • Use logs to control the execution of scripts
  • Enjoy smooth and conflict-free work with the logs stored on the immutable ledger

Activate you results

  • Provide insights on the joint data to your partners with secure BI.
  • Use API to integrate calculations into your processes.
  • Use the resulting audiences in the communication engine.
  • Create analytics in BI or add other features to your database, such as underwriting scores.
  • Activate audience data in communication platforms.

Data Security and Privacy Protection

  • Hardware based encryption using Intel SGX.
  • Build models on depersonalized datasets in a protected environment.
  • Train models in datalabs or fully confidentially in cleanrooms.
  • Execute models in cleanrooms.
  • Have your personal data protected and invisible.

Easy Collaboration Among Enterprises

  • Use enterprise blockchain & Intel SGX.
  • Control the processes with the central administration console.
  • Manage your applications on Kubernetes.
  • Stay safe with authentication protocols (Oath, AD).
  • Rely on the advanced API for any integration.

End-to-end Data Modeling Solution

  • Order data, build and train models in the datalabs.
  • Execute your models full-scale in the cleanrooms, industrialize their execution using APIs on a single platform.

Flexible Deployment Options

  • Decide on the side to host your data lab and the enclave to perform calculations.
  • Choose between cloud or on-premise infrastructure.

Trusted Environment for Working with Any Paries

  • Do calculations with two or more parties.
  • Use decentralized smart contracts to manage access and restrictions.
  • Have full control over all operations and an immutable ledger.

Variability of Calculations

  • Use familiar programming languages: Python, R, PySparc, Scala, Java and others.
  • Work with structured and semi-structured data.
  • Run any number of simultaneous calculations.

Key benefits

  • End-to-end process in a single environment: from data discovery to building and industrializing models and running communications.
  • Build models on real data, not their proxies.
  • Work with tools you used to.
  • No additional data preparation required.
  • Fully secure
Aggregion has implemented a solution that many in the advertising field would’ve considered impossible. The strategy of building a decentralized platform has paved the way for the use of Confidential Computing to securely manipulate data obtained from various partners. The ability to increase the efficiency of identifying the target audience and launching campaigns has a direct correlation to the retailer’s bottom-line. The ability to do this with high accuracy and speed will be a differentiator of high strategic importance to retailers. The clever use of the blockchain technology – and the definition of the execution rules within smart contracts – makes it possible to track every transaction accurately without sharing any third-party data. Aggregion came up with a platform that not only reduces the time to identify the campaign audience, but also does this in a secure manner.
Intel SGX Hardware Trusted Runtime is a big step towards solving the fundamental trust issue in the cloud. The data management platform developed by our partners Magnit and Aggregion is an excellent example of how this technology can be used for collaboration between system participants seeking to preserve the confidentiality of data and protect their intellectual property — even in the absence of trust between the parties. Even with the advanced hardware support, building secure data processing systems is still very challenging. The SCONE platform simplifies the use of secure enclaves, allowing our partners to focus on business logic while maintaining an unprecedented level of security. We are happy to share with them our experience gained over the years of securing applications and data in the cloud.
At the moment, there aren’t many solutions that enable different companies to combine knowledge about their customers. And for Beeline, development of a system to support its marketing communications is a priority. We hope that our collaboration with Aggregion will allow us to consolidate all market expertise and create a truly effective system for working with data from various partners.
Solutions from Aggregion are based on their decentralized data processing protocol that uses Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) technologies and secure enclaves (Trusted Execution Environment) to compute depersonalized data from multiple companies while maintaining confidentiality.
The development of systems that would facilitate interaction with marketing technologies is a priority for Beeline. At the moment, there aren’t many solutions that allow combining the knowledge of different companies about their clients. We hope that this collaboration will make it possible to consolidate all the expertise of the market and create an effective system for working with data from different vendors.
The need for a higher level of data protection and computing privacy is increasing as multilateral business processes, collaboration and transactions move online. Innovative partners, such as Aggregion and AdTech from Beeline Business, which apply the Intel SGX-based privacy computing to their cloud services, are able to provide a new level of protection for the data they use by applying the industry's most tested and common hardware-based privacy computing environment.
Collaboration of the Magnit and Romir data systems will allow obtaining data for the purposes of building marketing communications targeted at an audience formed not on the basis of a stigma, but on the basis of actual purchasing behavior confirmed by real consumer receipts. This will allow Magnit to improve the effectiveness of its own marketing campaigns, as well as provide the market — brands and advertising agencies — with a tool to finetune their communications with customers.
Through our partnership with Magnit, we are expanding the capabilities of our marketing ecosystem. Brands will be able to analyze how the campaigns targeting Magnit's customers affect sales in the chain's stores nationwide, evaluating the importance of the channel in the overall business strategy. Attributing O2O-conversion to the retailer's loyalty program is another step in the development of omnichannel tools and an additional opportunity to make campaigns more effective and personalized.
Every company needs an intelligent 360-degree view of its customer, but this information is stored in many disparate databases. The Aggregion confidential computing protocol and the products based on it allow us to guarantee our clients the safety and confidentiality of data when working on them together.
Aggregion offers advertisers a new possibility to find real customers within their category, as well as analyze and improve audience targeting accuracy for online sales, while also increasing the effectiveness of offline sales. An open and easy-to-understand self-service platform represents a new development in this area. We’re certain that this is just the start of the journey. Considering Magnit’s scope, development of this platform will provide the industry with many more useful results.
The Aggregion solution will allow us to unite efforts in search for the most effective methods of working with a joint client base within a framework of absolute security and confidentiality for both commercially significant information and personal data.
Using Intel SGX has allowed us to build a platform that can securely and privately process data from a variety of partners. This allows us all to collaborate better and create more effective advertising campaigns for our customers. Our team is extremely excited about the upcoming enhancements to Intel SGX that will make the secure enclaves capable of handling even more data, making it possible for us to further scale our data management platform.
The award “Partner of the Year” is international recognition of the company's competence in the field of digital transformation, and also confirms Aggregion's deep expertise in the field of Microsoft technologies and the high level of customer service provided by the partner. We hope that Aggregion will continue to develop its own solutions based on Microsoft technologies in order to help enterprises implement new business models and achieve new results in dynamic markets.
Magnit is one of the largest retail chains in the world. It uses confidential containers to pilot a multi-party confidential data analysis solution through the Aggregion digital marketing platform. The solution focuses on creating insights captured and computed through secured confidential computing to protect customer and partner data within their loyalty program.
At the moment, there are not many solutions that enable different companies to combine knowledge about their customers. And for Beeline, development of a system to support its marketing communications is a priority. We hope that our collaboration with Aggregion will allow us to consolidate all market expertise and create a truly effective system for working with data from various data partners.
We’ve been really impressed with what Magnit has done with Aggregion to protect their customer data in the loyalty programs, they’re using SGX in some very creative ways to make sure that they can leverage the customer data in terms of analytics, spending patterns and interests to better present options to their customers and yet not expose their customer their private to anyone else

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