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Advertising and Media

cases of use
  1. Cookieless client ID, privacy preserving identity graphs with cleanroom solution.
    Secure client matching
  2. Secure client data onboarding
  3. Ad audience measurement and profiling
    (TV and other channels)
  1. Significant revenue stream ($ mln)

Relevant Products

DataLabs & CleanRoom

  • Datalab
  • CleanRoom
  • P2P
  • BI
An end-to-end process for building and running models with joint data in an single secure environment
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Customer Data Platform & Communications

  • Customer ID and profile
  • Consent management
  • Audience and campaign management
  • Customer insights
Expand your audience and realize upselling opportunities through mutually beneficial data cooperations
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Loyalty Management

  • Customer surveys
  • Coupons
  • Points processing
Ask, engage and reward your customers using
the enriched knowledge
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Aggregion offers advertisers a new possibility to find real customers within their category, as well as analyze and improve audience targeting accuracy for online sales, while also increasing the effectiveness of offline sales. An open and easy-to-understand self-service platform represents a new development in this area. We’re certain that this is just the start of the journey. Considering Magnit’s scope, development of this platform will provide the industry with many more useful results.
Through our partnership with Magnit, we are expanding the capabilities of our marketing ecosystem. Brands will be able to analyze how the campaigns targeting Magnit's customers affect sales in the chain's stores nationwide, evaluating the importance of the channel in the overall business strategy. Attributing O2O-conversion to the retailer's loyalty program is another step in the development of omnichannel tools and an additional opportunity to make campaigns more effective and personalized.

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