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Banks/Financial Groups

Data Collaboration Solutions for Banks
and Ecosystems

case of use
  1. Business partnerships and ecosystems
  2. Customer acquisitions using your partners’ audiences
  3. Underwriting models improvement
  4. Online-to-offline conversions
  5. Fraud management
  1. $60T - total estimated revenue of network economy by 2025
  2. 60% of the US banks we surveyed said they were likely to form an ecosystem or join one
  3. +20% increase in underwriting accuracy using retail and telecom data
  4. Acquisition of new customers  in collaboration with telecom/retail

Integrated Offerings Throughout The Customer Journey

Data Collaboration

Key Modules & Components

Single ID

Secure customer ID matching across companies
with deterministic
and probabilistic models

Communications Management

cross-partner communications

Customer Consent Management

Managing customer permissions
for communications
and other data usage

Single Customer Profile

Single customer profile for all parties

Decentralized Platform for Financial Groups

You can run calculations and process data within the group or with your external partners using a decentralized protocol and confidential computing

Functional Modules

Segment Designer

Creating real-time customer segments intersecting partners’ data

Campaign Management

Running campaigns
for target audiences
on ad platforms
using the partners` communication channels


Developing models using joint data
in a secure environment

Data Cleanrooms

Executing data models with joint data in a trusted execution environment

Consent Management

User consent control
for different communication scenarios for all data partners


Bill partners according
to the agreed terms using decentralized smart contracts

Global Authorization

Single user ID
and rights management across partners

P2P Exchange

Direct secure
audience matching
and data exchange


  • Flexible partnership preferences: centralization vs decentralization
  • Robust user consent management
  • Various tools for joint work with data
    and communications
  • A set of tools for efficient collaboration
  • Enterprise solution approved by the largest financial groups
Every company needs an intelligent 360-degree view of its customer, but this information is stored in many disparate databases. The Aggregion confidential computing protocol and the products based on it allow us to guarantee our clients the safety and confidentiality of data when working on them together.
The need for a higher level of data protection and computing privacy is increasing as multilateral business processes, collaboration and transactions move online. Innovative partners, such as Aggregion and AdTech from Beeline Business, which apply the Intel SGX-based privacy computing to their cloud services, are able to provide a new level of protection for the data they use by applying the industry's most tested and common hardware-based privacy computing environment.
Solutions from Aggregion are based on their decentralized data processing protocol that uses Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) technologies and secure enclaves (Trusted Execution Environment) to compute depersonalized data from multiple companies while maintaining confidentiality.

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