Enabling the Walt Disney Company to combine its franchised consumer products with digital content and track each individual sale live as it is processed through the retail Point of Sale in Hamleys stores.

Aggregion platform is integrated with Hamleys retail POS (Point of Sale, cashier terminals) and inventory DB through API. The manufacturers of DCP (Disney Consumer Products, any Disney franchise) provide the barcodes/QR codes. Each barcode scanned at POS is recorded in Aggregion. Disney complimentary digital content is bundled with DCP through Aggregion and is offered to retail customers, with activation codes automatically generated and printed on paper receipts at POS. This project is live since November 2017.




  • Disney receives live sales data for each of its digital content license and DCP (previously not possible)
  • Disney builds up direct customer base (each activated license supplies customer data: email, etc)
  • Disney retains complete control and visibility of all and each their licenses; live reporting through Aggregion
  • Complimentary content increases Hamleys sales and attractiveness of DCP; enables marketing programs