The Walt Disney Company in partnership with X5 Retail Group, an expansive CEE supermarket chain with over 13,000 retail stores, launches a massive ‘Back to School’ promotion campaign with focus on the Marvel superhero franchise.

Goal of the project is to encourage customers to increase their general spending in the stores, not just on the Marvel products. For each 555 roubles spent in an X5 retail store, customers receive a superhero pencil eraser styled as one of 16 different Marvel characters. Once all 16 erasers have been collected, customers can participate in a drawing for prizes (including a trip to Disneyland) as well as receive access to the collection of Marvel films, accessible online through a special landing page. Customers are also encouraged to purchase other Marvel themed items. The video content licensing and delivery is powered by Aggregion.

  • This is already the second Marvel case from Disney, illustrating how easily a collection may be rolled out to completely different channels (telecom vs retail).
  • Promotion campaign generates additional publicity for Marvel, while driving customers to spend more money in X5 stores.
  • Disney retains full control and visibility of all licenses activated by X5 customers, increasing level of trust between B2B participants.