For many shoppers, a pain point of opting into apps or sharing information with retailers is the risk of being overwhelmed with irrelevant offers or marketing content. It’s a common experience to make a purchase and then find yourself bombarded with advertisements for the same product, despite having already bought it.

To help reduce the number of irrelevant experiences customers were subjected to, Magnit, one of Russia’s largest food retailers, operating 22 000 thousands stores across 5 formats, created a solution that would allow themselves – and even other retailers – to enhance how they tailor the marketing of their products to customers. Using big data and advanced analytics, Magnit established a dedicated department which helps them better forecast demand for different products, optimize the selection of products available and create appropriate promotion for what’s on offer.

The retailer partnered with Aggregion to launch a system that would help its partners, primarily FMCG producers and others, using anonymized customer data to increase the relevance of what they offered. Rather than showing customers ads for what they had already bought – for example, cat food – it offered them what they had not yet purchased but may need – for example, a carpet cleaning agent designed for pet owners. One of their customers, a leading global consumer goods company, found that, using the system, 22 percent more people clicked on ads that had been tailored to them and they experienced an 18 percent rise in sales.