We have won the Microsoft Partner of the Year Award!

From press release: “Aggregion is the unique ISV Microsoft partner that can be called a role model. Since 2016, Aggregion invested in their primary Azure product solution, digital object management platform, a decentralized blockchain-based solution to manage IP rights and relationships between vastly different types of participants. In FY20, Aggregion, in partnership with Microsoft and Intel, released a new service that utilizes distributed databases, blockchain, and secure technologies. This solution is the first of its kind on the global market, with proven public customer cases. Aggregion became the champion among ISVs/SIs by number of wins, expecting ACR YoY growth of more than 120 percent. Aggregion is working with corporate engineering teams developing blockchain, Azure confidential computing, and ML services to pioneer them with enterprise customers. This is a great example of diverse innovation and digital transformation approach.”

We are delighted to receive this award. This is the first time we win a country-level Partner of the Year and it is a great feeling that the work that we do has been rated so highly by our key partner: Microsoft. Thank you!