For SaaS Partners

We believe that our technology will change the world and shape the future of digital distribution. Aggregion offers a unique digital distribution platform that has no direct competitors in the world. The platform is designed to be cross-industry: retail chains, banking and finance, media, education - we support it all. Any type of content? No problem. The platform can do it all. But we cannot do it alone. Aggregion's most important asset is not technology, but people.

The platform is already used by some of the world's largest companies, but there is so much more to be done. Aggregion is looking for SaaS technology and business partners who will help us find clients, manage integration projects and develop new solutions based on the Aggregion platform architecture.

Aggregion offers
  • A world-class digital distribution solution that is infinitely customizable to suit the needs of any client
  • An existing network of copyright holders, distributors and content aggregators, sales channels, customers, organizations
  • Flexible architecture that allows to govern the interactions between any types of digital objects

Below are the three main areas that we are looking to outsource to external partners. An ideal partner will be competent in all three areas.

Business Development

The business development partners manage the business aspect of selling the Aggregion solutions. An ideal business partner will have an existing network of potential clients that could be interested in what Aggregion has to offer.

  • Serve as an authorized regional Aggregion representative as part of our go-to-market strategy
  • Create partnership opportunities with B2B clients across wide range of industries
  • Drive sales and contract negotiations to establish a strong clients partner network
  • Set own regional pricing policies and receive profits from sales 
  • Lead the deal process end to end: from first contact and all the way to a performing business

System Integration

Every Aggregion project has some form of integration involved: front-end and back-end, BI systems, e-commerce platforms, delivery and playback solutions, cloud storages, and many others. Our technology partners manage the projects of integrating Aggregion platform with the participants of distribution chain: copyright holders, distributors, distribution channels, as well as their respective third-party platforms, while the Aggregion team provides support and technology.

  • Lead integration projects between the Aggregion platform and a wide range of third-party systems
  • Analyze the clients' business requirements and provide a solution roadmap
  • Thorough understanding of the Aggregion existing solutions and platform architecture

Solution Design

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Flexible Architecture

The solution design teams are our partners in innovation R&D, driving the Aggregion technology to the new, unexplored frontiers and industries. Aggregion flexible architecture allows to accommodate the most cutting edge ideas not only in digital distribution, but in any area that involves the interaction between digital objects, including Internet of Things and beyond. The solution design partners will have a deep understanding of the Aggregion platform technical architecture and able to propose, design and develop new experimental solutions for our current or potential clients. Aggregion provides the technology and you take it from there.