For Education and Organizations

Aggregion Digital Library

For educational institutions, such as universities, schools, and libraries, Aggregion has developed a special online solution: a Digital Library, which is designed to serve as a single entry point for all digital needs of an organization.

The Digital Library is not just a web portal, but also the arrowhead part of the Aggregion-powered distribution chain that also includes publishers and distributors. The platform aggregates millions of items of publishers' catalogs, which are then accessible via the portal, all in one place. Convenient business models allow to optimize budget by using either acquisition, subscription or rental models.

  • A single convenient portal to be used by students and faculty to acquire educational products 
  • Ability to negotiate pricing discounts from the world's leading publishers 
  • Different business models - ability to 'rent' products for a short time (the Library model)
  • Groups and limits management - organize students in groups and control their access
  • Track product usage to make informed decisions about most popular and most under-used products 
  • Track all the purchases made through the Billing module 


Digital Library Online Portal

The Digital Library portal itself is designed as a searchable online catalog of digital books and other products. The portal may exist as standalone or be integrated into another resource (such as a university own website, for instance). All the basic features that are expected of a modern online retail solution are present, with added functions that are unique to Aggregion-powered solutions.

Branded Back-End

The back-end is what powers the Digital Library solution - it is the core of the Aggregion platform. This is where you can set-up and fine tune all the parameters that make the Digital Library portal truly yours. The back-end may be branded with your corporate colors and logos.

Business Models

Aggregion platform allows copyright holders and publishers to specify the conditions on which their digital products (books, software, etc) are distributed to organizations and educational institutions. Each business model may be adjusted for a single user or a group of users.

  • Acquisition - each specific product license is acquired to be used either indefinitely or for a long term
  • Subscription - access to a catalog of products is permitted on subscription basis
  • Rental - each specific product license may be rented for a short period of time (2 weeks, 1 month, etc)
Groups Management

Aggregion platform allows to assign roles and administrate groups of users who will have access to the portal. For instance, education users may be categorized as students and faculty. Further classification may break students down by class, year, preferred specialization, and so on. Business users may similarly be broken down by department, role, budget available, and so on. The system is completely flexible and may accommodate any structure. Depending on the agreement with publishers, the organization users may receive preferences or discounts that are unavailable to third party users.


A system of limits exists that allows an organization to restrict groups of users in their budget or access to certain catalog items or categories. For instance, a professor or department head may limit the number of product license that his students or employees may acquire.

Aggregated Publisher Content

Many publishers and copyright holders are already using the Aggregion platform and many more are to come. The platform allows to aggregate digital content from multiple sources and — depending on licensing agreements — this content will be available through the digital library portal.

Tracking Product Usage

A part of our Business Intelligence module, the platform allows educational institutions and organizations to track product usage by groups of users. Analyzing this data allows to make informed decisions regarding the acquisition of products in relation to the available budget. For instance, some products such as specific textbooks are best to be rented for a semester, while academics may enjoy subscription access to a wide catalog of white papers. A business may rent software to perform a specific one-time task or acquire it if it is used constantly. Tracking product usage allows to understand which products are under-used and may be no longer needed.


The billing module allows educational institutions and organizations to manage their financial relationships with publishers and copyright holders. Instead of having to track each supplier individually, Aggregion platform automatically consolidates the data on products acquired and calculates the billing and invoicing details for everyone involved.