For Copyright Holders

The Aggregion platform was designed with copyright holders in mind. Unlike physical products, digital products are intangible: content can be copied infinitely and sold anywhere without copyright holder's control or even knowledge. 

Aggregion solves this problem by offering a protected end-to-end digital distribution pipeline, ensuring that all digital products are accounted for and are sold only on conditions provided by copyright holder.


The Aggregion platform thus acts as a sort of digital funnel: on the intake, it has copyright holder's content and platforms and the output goes through the distribution channels to organizations and end customers.

Below are three main areas of focus that solve the issues of digital distribution chain control, sale through new and existing distribution channels and management of products hosted on different platforms and content types.

Take Control Of Your Distribution Chain

Copyright holders can stay in control of distribution by specifying license parameters for their product licenses: pricing strategies, regional product availability, contractual conditions with distributors, usage restrictions by end customers, business models, and much more. The Aggregion platform ensures that those licensing conditions are followed by all participants.

Create New Distribution Channels

Part of what the Aggregion platform does is aggregation of distribution channels. Once copyright holder's platforms and content have been integrated with Aggregion, products can be sold to end customers through any distribution channel.

Manage All Your Products

Aggregion platform may be integrated with copyright holder's platforms to manage content from a single entry point. Aggregion turns the content hosted on third-party platforms into products on Aggregion platform and builds a single catalog that can be managed and distributed from the Aggregion platform using a unified set of rules.