Service Marketplace for Transport Companies

The Pitch

Transport companies, such airlines or train operators, possess a large volume of data on their customers. This data may be used to create targeted offers from various service and content providers to the travelers. The offers could range from discounted taxi rate on specific travel days to guided trips and excursions on location. The offers would appear as push notifications in the transport company’s mobile app, turning the app into an infotainment center, increasing customer trust and loyalty.

Aggregion has the technology and expertise to act as the processing hub between the transport companies, service providers and the customers. Through Azure machine learning technology, Aggregion can automatically deduce customer preferences from their data and match with appropriate offers from the service providers. While a perfect match is unlikely in every specific case, the big data creates statistically high percentage of correct targeting.


Roles and Benefits

  Roles Benefits
Transport Companies - Have the data on their customers
- Have a mobile app
- Increased use of the mobile app
- Increased brand loyalty
Service Providers - Are looking for customers to provide targeted services and offers to
- New customers
- New sales channels
Travelers - Are looking for convenient and discounted offers that fit their travel profile - Convenience of use through mobile app
- Special offers and discounts
Aggregion - Has the expertise and technology to match customers and service providers - Transactional revenue from service purchases

Customer Data

The transport companies have massive customer data which can be used to infer customer preferences. While most of the data is very basic (as filled in the form when buying a ticket), through Azure Machine Learning technology certain deductions can be made to narrow down the possibilities and understand who customers are and what they are looking for.

  • Origin / Destination
  • Departure / Arrival Date and Time
  • Length of Stay
  • Traveling in Group or Alone
  • Ticket Price
  • Nationality
  • Age & Sex
  • Record of Previous Trips

Types of Travelers

The core deduction to be made is whether the customers are business or leisure travelers. Depending on this category, different types of services may be offered. Within the tourist category, there are sub-categories as well. A group of young 20-something’s will probably be looking for a different arrangement than a family with two young children. People traveling to a cultural landmark such as Rome or Paris are looking for a different vacation type than the ones traveling to Bali or Aruba.

Business Travelers Tourists
- Travels alone
- Unlikely to travel on weekends
- Buys ticket shortly before traveling
- Possibly travels business class
- Traveling to ‘business’ locations
- Likely to travel in groups
- Buying tickets in advance
- Traveling to exotic / cultural locations
- Families may travel with a child
- Families might have same last name

Offers and Services

Once the customer profile has been identified, the providers can begin to offer a variety of services such as hotels, taxis, rentals, in-travel entertainment, local attractions and guided trips, and so on. Through Azure Machine Learning technology, Aggregion will match customer profiles with appropriate offers from the service providers, creating a competitive marketplace (with priority to services with best price/quality ratio).

Accommodations and Hotels
  • Cultural capitals -> Proximity to city centers, cultural landmarks, museums, old cities, etc
  • Younger travelers prefer cheaper hotels, even hostels, lively neighborhoods
  • Families, especially older, prefer quality over price, quiet neighborhoods
  • Exotic locations -> Proximity to the oceans, beaches or other points of interest
  • Taxi service to/from airport may be offered for that particular date/time
  • Local trains, subways, bus, shuttle schedules may be offered for particular date/time
  • Travel tips and suggestions, local nuances (ex. Sabbath in Israel), holidays, etc
Tourism and Local Life
  • Offers of guided tours may be offered from local travel agencies
  • Offers of rentals available in the area (cars, bicycles, etc)
  • Directory of museums, cultural landmarks, points of interest, sightseeing
  • Local infrastructure: restaurants, bars, groceries, pharmacies, markets, etc


Aggregion specializes in technology that allows to create rules and govern the interactions between any types of digital objects or data, automatically matching necessary parameters with each other. The technology - Aggregion platform - manages the contractual conditions between the participants and the stakeholders (such as the transport companies, service providers and end customers, users of the app).

Since the processing takes place within a single unified environment, automatic billing is possible as per contract conditions (such as revenue share or transaction percentage) specified for each participant. Advanced API integration mechanisms allow to quickly connect third-party travel aggregation and information platforms (,,, etc) to provide travelers with a wider choice of offers.

Aggregion Highlights
  • Aggregation of services and creation of a service marketplace
  • A management portal for the service providers
  • A billing module that automatically calculates revenue shares as per contract conditions
  • Azure Machine Learning technology to match customers with services