New Distribution Channels for Media Companies

The Rise of New Distribution Channels

The modern world is seeing the number of distribution channels grow. Digital media products may already be sold through a variety of online resources, offline retail stores, be bundled with hardware and software, used in marketing, advertising, promo campaigns, offered with telecom or other services, licensed to be used in third-party products…

The list can go on. Considering that these channels may be combined with each other to create complex distribution chains and monetization models, the number of possible combinations is staggering. And this is just the beginning.

New distribution channels are pushing the boundaries of how media products may reach the end customer. The rise of social media, now numbering in billions of users, creates new opportunities for media copyright holders to deliver their products to users.

Example: Chatbots as a Sales Channel

Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and over 170 global companies are engaged in the development of interactive chatbots which may be used to offer products to customers through messengers or social networks. User would have a conversation with the chatbot, as she would with a human sales representative, and be offered products depending on tastes and preferences. The AI efficiency of the chatbots is growing rapidly and even our early experiments showed that on average 24% of targeted conversations with a chatbot lead to a purchase. The chatbot can achieve even better results if provided with access to user data (such as that used by Google, Facebook and others to construct targeted advertising).

Just consider the staggering combinations of distribution channels, monetization schemes, digital products, distributors, resellers, platforms, systems, contractual agreements, markets, pricing strategies, distribution conditions, product usage rules, billing and financial relationships, content delivery mechanisms, and all the different technologies involved…

Aggregion is developing a technology that helps media companies to manage their content and launch them through the Aggregion platform into a wide variety of distribution channels.

Intelligent Digital Distribution

Aggregion has a constantly expanding global partnership network that includes a variety of distribution channels where digital products may be sold. This is the present. However, we realize that the staggering number of distribution channels cannot be handled manually. In just two days of 2017 humanity generates more content, than in all the recorded history prior to 2003. The trend is clear and we plan to harness it.

Machine Learning

An example of intelligent targeting is the Google Display Network technology, which includes over 3 million applications and sites ranging from popular news resources to the latest mobile games. With assistance of machine learning, Google helps its partners to automatically find target customers and offer them advertising and products. Considering the nearly endless amounts of content and billions of potential customers, the intelligent distribution is the most optimal way of connecting the media content owners with the relevant audience through appropriate distribution channels.


What We Offer

Aggregion platform is envisioned as a launching pad for product distribution. Once the media products are created in the system, they can be channeled through multiple distribution channels to Points of Sale and ultimately to end customers.

Aggregion is constantly adding new channels and explores the possibilities to ensure that media content distribution remains on the cutting edge and keeps up with the rapidly changing times. The adaptive intelligent distribution technology is just the first steps to creating a fully automated distribution network that takes media products and brings them to the customers without intermediaries.

The Aggregion solution offers:

  • Integration and management of media content from content owners
  • Ability to fully control the distribution chain through product licensing and usage rules
  • Aggregation of new distribution channels for digital content
  • Ability to launch it through appropriate distribution channels using automatic machine learning AI
  • Business intelligence, financial billing, usage tracking and customer behavior reporting

Additional details on the mechanics of the Aggregion platform may be found in the relevant pages on the right.

Current and Future Global Trends

Below are some of the global trends in digital distribution and management where the Aggregion platform is ideally suited and has a competitive edge:

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