Product Licensing

What is a Product License?

Product license is a set of conditions that govern and regulate access to the copyright holder's products. There are two key advantages of distributing through a product license.

  1. The product license is not media content itself, it’s the right to access content under specified conditions. Product license is a virtual contract that is being sold and bought throughout the distribution chain, while the actual content remains protected with the owner.
  2. Product license is conditioned by the content owner with a set of usage rules that govern how the license is distribution and how the content is used. The usage rules determine the price of the license, market restrictions, distribution conditions, license periods and many other possible parameters.


A product license is a digital feature film that costs $10, may only be sold within the European Union, only through Distributor A, only through Online Store B, accessible only through Music App C and have a license period of one year. These conditions have to be adhered by everyone to purchase the license and the Aggregion platform ensures that they are enforced.

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License Processing

What Aggregion calls License Processing may be compared to the payment processing services (most notably Visa and Mastercard), which are companies acting as intermediaries between customers and merchants to handle financial transactions from various channels such as credit cards and debit cards. While Aggregion is not directly involved in financial exchange, our platform ensures that the digital license passes through the distribution chain while the copyright holder retains control of the content. Aggregion processes the digital license and authorizes the end customer to access the product on conditions specified in the license. This process ensures that the copyright holder's content remains secure and is protected from unauthorized access.

License Parameters

Each digital license has a number of license parameters that govern how exactly a digital product is intended to be distributed, sold and used by the end customer. License parameters is a vital instrument of control that the platform provides to the businesses, which allows the product owner or distributor to have full visibility of the distribution path and be confident that the license parameters, conditions and restrictions are observed as long as all business partners are part of the Aggregion platform. The parameters may be customized for large clients (we have clients with hundreds of license parameters) and new ones can be added and tailored to business requirements.

Some of the most commonly used license parameter groups that are available to be specified for each product.

License Parameter Groups

Product pricing conditions, uniquely assigned to all participants of distribution chain
Determines, through geo-targeting, which regions and countries will have access to the Product and be able to purchase it
License Periods
Governs the time period during which the license is available to the user
Grace Periods
Activation conditions specifying how much time does the user have to activate the product before it expires
User Types
Individual or business users
Device / OS types
Devices and operating systems the product can be used on and whether simultaneous access from multiple devices is allowed and by how many users
Content Players
Permitted content players (such as video players, book readers, etc)
Storage Conditions
Limitations on where the product data may or may not be stored (user devices, third party servers, cloud providers, countries and regions, etc)
Viewing / Modification
Restrictions on how the product may be viewed and edited
Many products require integration with third-party solutions. This parameter governs which external solutions have access and what are the access restrictions
Extraction or Printing
Whether the product data, in part or in whole, may be copied or printed
Blocking Conditions
Product license may be blocked or recalled if needed, manually or automatically if specified license parameters and contractual agreements are breached