Flexible Architecture

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For SaaS Partners

Aggregion's scope does not end with digital distribution. In fact, distribution is just the beginning. The Aggregion architecture was designed with infinite flexibility in mind. The governing mechanisms that allow to control the licensing process in digital distribution can be extended to relationships between any type of digital object. The Aggregion R&D team is currently hard at work developing the prototypes of the solutions that will power the next generation platform.

Future Projects

Chatbots as Video Distribution Channel

Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and over 170 companies from all over the world are developing of chatbot AI for various messenger, social networks, and other chat platforms. The conversation with a chatbot will be similar to one customer might have with a human salesman in a video store. Chatbot will be able to suggest films depending on customer's preferences and, perhaps, access to some personal data such as Google search history or Facebook accounts. The customer will be able to purchase a film directly in the messenger window and Aggregion architecture can deliver the film through protected video players and ensure that the licensing conditions are followed.

Internet of Things

The Internet of things (IoT) technology may be found in retail, smart city and smart home, security, video surveillance, transport, industrial automation, energy, medicine, education, advertising and many other areas. The Aggregion platform meets all the necessary functionality requirements and data protection benchmarks for an IoT solution. Aggregion can become a trusted partner for customers and integrators of IoT projects.

Big Data

The volume and variety of digital data have been seeing explosive growth in the last couple of decades and this trend is only accelerating. The sheer amount of data requires solutions to control the distribution of data and the rules for its use. For example, processing images from surveillance cameras, brokers analyzing market data and further structuring of content pieces: text, photos, video, audio and all other types of data. Aggregion's goal is to provide tools for managing access rights, processing big data, and extracting information from it.

Drone Delivery Route Control

The market for delivery drones is actively developing and in not-so-distant future, the airspace will have to be regulated, much like the conventional roads are for cars. Aggregion flexible architecture allows to set up and govern the complex relationships between digital objects such as drones to ensure that they adhere to a certain behavioral pattern and transit restrictions.

Distribution of Games

Aggregion technology allows to take our licensing model of game distribution and in-game purchases and add new distribution channels: telecom providers, credit cards, retail stores, cross-selling, promo campaigns, hardware and software vendors.