Digital Distribution

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Product Licensing

The Aggregion platform is designed to work with large distribution chains. This is where its features and capabilities shine the most. The architecture of the Aggregion solution ensures that in the distribution process the actual content does not change hands. What is being sold is a digital product license, which is essentially an access to the copyright holder's platforms where the content is stored. This way the content is protected and remains secure with the copyright holder. We call it License Processing - the process of distributing digital licenses.

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Copyright Holders

Product Management and Integration

Many of Aggregion's clients have to manage multiple large distribution chains and a diversity of digital products. Aggregion takes the products — which may be hosted on different servers and platforms — and creates a product line within its system. Product line (or product lines) may be grouped by market, category (such as Education), distribution channel, or any other way. Aggregion analyzes the copyright holder's products and comes up with a common set of license parameters, authorization mechanisms and metadata structure. The platforms are then integrated with Aggregion. This process prepares the products to be managed through the Aggregion platform and launched into the distribution pipeline.


Product Licensing

The copyright holder may now create a 'product license package', which is a digital product or a collection of products, enabled with licensing parameters and conditions. The licensing parameters (also known as Usage Rules) specify how the copyright holder wants the product to be distributed, sold and used. All participants of the distribution chain will be restricted by these conditions, granting the copyright holder full control. The Aggregion platform is very flexible in this regard and additional license parameters may be added as per copyright holder requirements. Once the product license package is created, it is sold (distributed) to the Distributors.

Distributors and Channels

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Distribution Channels

In the Aggregion system Distributors and Content Aggregators act as intermediaries between the copyright holder and the consumers. Distributors receive product license packages from the copyright holders and may then distribute further down the chain while adhering to the licensing restrictions and conditions included in the package. Distributors may then distribute the products through their own channels or use existing Aggregion channels.


End Customers and Organizations

Aggregion distribution architecture is designed to support both B2C and B2B models. The product license may be sold to the end customer directly through one of the distribution channels (Points of Sale) or an organization, such as an educational institution, a business or a government entity, may acquire licenses and then re-distribute them to its students or employees.

Once acquired, the end user will have to activate the license through the Aggregion platform. An activated license will grant the user access to the copyright holder's platforms where the actual content is located. The license may only be used in accordance with the license parameters specified by the copyright holder.