Business Intelligence

Aggregion platform generates a large volume of transactional and master data. All this data is available to copyright holders and distributors for on-demand download in a variety of raw formats to be used as a baseline for creating a wide range of reports in third party analytical tools. The platform also offers its own customized online reporting capabilities.


Sales and Distribution

The sales data reflects each sale to the end customer or organization. The sales data includes all necessary fields to create practically any analytical report. Additional fields and objects may be added per client's requirements.

  • When, where and how many copies of particular products have been sold
  • Breakdown by business models: acquisition, rental, subscription
  • Distributor and sales channel performance by product, time period, region
  • Product acquisitions by particular organizations or educational institutions
  • Trends and sales performance of products or product groups
  • Pricing analysis and comparison between distributors and channels