Aggregion suspended all operations in Russia. Learn more

We Offer Trailblazing Data Solutions to Help Create the Network Economy

Companies link and merge their data sets forming ecosystems to expand, develop and change with
the times
There are still a lot of hurdles to overcome: legal complications, business risks, and technical problems. Minutiae can obscure the bigger picture and stall the innovation

Aggregion helps you regain control. We designed a platform to foster collaboration between people and companies in a fair, secure
and accountable data lifecycle environment

Our Protocol Helps Companies Organize Partnerships and Perform Various Calculations Confidentially, with no Data Transfer or Disclosure

We focus on decentralized data exchange, media licensing  and digital objects in IoT and IP flow. Top independent retailers, telco and banks, with total
audience more than 80M people are working on the platform for their advertisement management, cross sales, data monetization, risk management, and other scenarios
of companies are planning
to create data collaborations
total estimated revenue
of network economics by 2025

Our Journey

In 2015
Aggregion was founded to support and structuralize
the relationships between big data companies

We developed Decentralized protocol for IP rights management
Since the platform went live, 3 billion licenses (customer data, media content and software) were processed through it
Our blue chip clients included Disney, Microsoft, Pearson, Intel, Klett, Cornelsen and many others
We created Decentralized Confidential Computing and Data Collaboration Platform

Aggregion has about 60 distributed employees in CEE, UK, and USA

We were actively present in CEE & CIS working with top retail chains, mobile operators, and banking groups -
Magnit, 36,6 pharmacy, Beeline, Ak Bars Bank and others
We have been building business ecosystems and developing tailored solutions for our clients

Our Team

We are engineers, managers, analysts and designers who all come together to make your data collaboration possible
Nukri Basharuli
Founder & President
  • Visionary serial entrepreneur with over 20 years in IT business development
  • 7+ years experience in decentralized confidential computing
  • Worked with global companies Microsoft, Intel, Google, Disney, Pearson
  • Ph.D in Nuclear Physics from CERN

Nukri is based in New York City, USA

Kasper J H Ditlevsen
  • Customer Centric Retailing data-driven strategist to 12 of global Top25 retailers & 200 CPG brands
  • External advisor to WPP, the largest advertising agency in the world
  • 25+ years of Senior Executive experience in Global Consumer Markets 
  • Top executive positions includes KPMG, Foxtrot, RB (Reckitt Benckiser), Coca-Cola

Kasper is based in Monaco

Denis Bezrukov
  • Over 10 years of experience as CTO and architect of enterprise-grade solutions
  • Expert in building decentralized systems based on confidential computing
  • Worked with Microsoft, Intel, Disney, Pearson, major banks, retail, telecom
  • Degree in computer science and cybersecurity

Denis is based in Tallinn, Estonia

Alex Manilov
  • 12 years of enterprise project and product management, 5 years as a CPO
  • Major business transformation projects with BT, IBM, PepsiCo, BAT
  • One of the lead designers of Counter-Strike, the iconic video game
  • BA from Rutgers University and MBA from ISM, France

Alex is based in New Jersey, USA

Lau Geckler
Board Director, BR Capital
  • Entrepreneur and angel investor with over 40 successful startup businesses
  • Business doctor for publicly listed companies such as HP and WPP
  • Professional Boardmember, advisor and investor focused on blockchain, consumer electronics and marketing/advertisement.
  • Holds positions in Singapore, Malaysia, Portugal, Dubai, London and Denmark

Lau is based in Singapore

Alex Bukhman
Board Director, BR Capital
  • Entrepreneur and angel investor with 20+ years of experience with IT projects
  • 15+ years in the online gaming world
  • Professional in Media production, social networks integration & worldwide distribution agreements
  • A degree from Berlin University 

Alex is based in Israel