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With a proven team alongside committed partners and clients, Aggregion is well positioned to capitalize on the $100 billion market of digital media, before enabling other capabilities through a universal rights governance architecture: the Internet of Things (IoT) identity and governance; IP licensing to manufacturing; micro-investment in digital products; and many other use cases involving the merging the worlds of digital and physical.

  • 2015

    Idea and concept. Self-funding

    A global licensing solution envisioned. Aggregion is founded Nukri Basharuli as a self-funded, UK-based company. Team mobilization begins. Initial platform design.
  • 2016

    Platform Development

    Aggregion platform development, concept validation, and business development begins. Proof of concept pilot projects are launched. Platform goes publicly live in December.
  • 2017

    First clients. Commercial activity

    Some the world’s top copyright holders become Aggregion's clients and partners: Disney, Pearson, Microsoft, Samsung, Intel, Klett, Cornelsen, Softline, and others. Commercial activity begins. By the year's end, 3 million licenses are issued through the platform.
  • 2018

    Move to AG2 Blockchain

    Development of AG2 - the next generation Aggregion platform, powered by the distributed ledger architecture - is initiated. Blockchain was launched in early September. Migration of current clients in progress.

Aggregion Core

To perfect the perpetually evolving Aggregion processing core; the digital object governance architecture and smart-contracts; machine learning/AI and automatic routing mechanisms — all the integral Aggregion technology.

Ecosystem Growth

To engage new participants — clients, partners, communities, channels, organizations, markets, industries - to create synergy and open new possibilities in cooperation through a common governance framework.

IP Licensing

To blueprint the licensing models of major participants and offer an optimized solution, realized through business transformation projects with the Aggregion processing core as the centerpiece — customize solution for major clients.

IoT Governance

To implement the IoT governance capability of the platform; develop Aggregion as a standard IoT solution in partnership with the leading IoT manufacturers and integrators.