Case: Samsung

Samsung Electronics and Aggregion have cooperated together on various projects, mostly prominently in the area of education and promotional bundling of Aggregion digital products with Samsung devices.

  • Established the Samsung brand with the students and faculty, increasing brand loyalty
  • Publishers of digital content received additional distribution channel and new customers
  • Students were introduced to more efficient hi-tech learning tools

Education: Samsung Smart School

Samsung Smart School was an educational interactive classroom project sponsored by Samsung and powered by Aggregion technology. Samsung provided GALAXY Note 10.1 tablets with electronic S Pens for students as replacement of paper textbooks and notepads. Samsung ME 65B interactive screens were used instead of traditional blackboards. The tablets were running the Aggregion app, which had access to digital content from world’s leading publishers through the Aggregion distribution platform.

The Process
  • Aggregion established discount deals with world’s leading publishers connected to Aggregion platform
  • Samsung spearheaded the project, providing the tablets and other hardware for students
  • The tablets had access to digital content through Aggregion platform
  • Students were able to enjoy legal educational content in a hi-tech learning environment

Telecom: Promotion of Digital Content

VimpelCom, one of the largest mobile providers in Europe and CIS, has launched a promo campaign in cooperation with Samsung and Aggregion: customers, who purchased a Samsung tablet and selected VimpelCom as their wireless internet provider, received a free month of full access to digital content on the Aggregion platform. At the end of the promotional period, users were offered an option to extend their subscription at a discount.

The Process
  • Customers acquired a Samsung tablet either through VimpelCom or through other retailers
  • Customers signed up with VimpelCom for wireless internet access on the tablet
  • Customers received a promo activation code from Aggregion
  • Upon downloading Aggregion app and activating the code, customers received a free month of access to digital content on Aggregion platform

The Samsung promotional campaign for its mobile phones or tablets with an activated Aggregion digital content app was widely advertised both online and offline.

Client Testimonials

The problem of high-quality training materials for the interactive classroom can be successfully solved by accessing the international electronic database of educational content of our partner - Aggregion. Using this platform allows not only successful teaching of various courses, but also their absorption and assimilation, as well as student achievements.

Ilya Fedorushkin, Director of Corporate Sales and Partner Relations, Samsung Electronics