Case: Riga Technical University

To Riga Technical University Aggregion offers its Digital Library online solution that acts as a single access point for all University own or third-party products. The Digital Library is fully integrated with the Aggregion digital distribution chain, allowing the University and its students to have access to educational content from Aggregion's publishing partners. A number of tools such as Limits and Usage Tracking make it easier for Universities the remain within optimal budget while a variety of business models allow to optimize pricing and content usage.

Summary of benefits to Riga Technical University
  • Digital Library portal as a convenient online resource for offering products to students
  • A customized branded platform instance in Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • The whole catalog of own and third-party content available grouped into categories
  • Groups management: by class, students, professors or any other group
  • A system of Limits grants ability to control content acquisition by group
  • Online reporting to track content usage by students and professors to assess consumption
  • Ability to purchase or rent content for short period; subscription models

Solution Description

Single Digital Gate at Aggregion Platform
riga portal login.png

With the Digital Library solution Riga Technical University now has a single point of access for all its own and third-party materials, textbooks and interactive learning tools.

The integrated solution provides billing functionality, tracking of product usage, and flexible choice of business model to suit the needs of a particular budget and procurement strategy.

Business Models

The business models offered by Aggregion — Acquisition, Pay-Per-Use, and Subscription — make it possible for Riga Technical University to select the model that is most fitting its budget. Often institutions spend funds to acquire products that are underused or not used at all by the student body. A mix of the three business models above will help the Riga Technical University to find the optimal investment of its digital budget.

Groups and Limits

The Riga Technical University can use the Groups function to manage the access of its student body (by class, by professor, by year, etc). The Limits function allows to control how much the students can buy through their education account and how many students have access to rent a specific product(s) simultaneously. Generally, those tools allow to ensure that their digital product usage remains within the optimal budget.

Track Product Usage

Aggregion platform — the back-end powering the Digital Library — allows Riga Technical University to track the statistics on product usage by a group. These analytical tools grant transparency to the procurement process: University gains visibility as to how much each product is used and may use this knowledge to make budgetary decisions.

Authorization and Conditions

The University may now login to Aggregion platform management system through the custom login portal. The University provides authorization details to students to make purchases and acquire content.

Product Catalog

The catalog of digital products in Digital Library is fully synchronized with the Aggregion platform back-end interface. This means that the products are part of the Aggregion distribution chain and University may assign license parameters and manage details (such as description, cover images, metadata, etc) for products and collections.

Advanced Search and Filtering

Since the catalog is expected to be of significant volume, advanced search and filtering are possible through multiple criteria such as Price, Categories, Availability, Publication Date, Document Type, Language, and so on.


The Digital Library and the Aggregion platform back-end has been customized with University-branded logo and color theme. The University has its own unique platform instance in the Microsoft Azure Cloud where content is hosted.