Case: Pearson

Pearson uses Aggregion platform to distribute its digital products in CIS. Pearson has integrated its distributors and their distribution channels, both online and offline, with the Aggregion platform to offer almost a thousand of English language academic and teaching titles. Expansion of Aggregion platform to the distributors in other markets is in progress. Also in progress are projects to integrate Pearson's catalog and interactive learning platforms into Aggregion's university and library network, accessible by students, teachers, and academics.

Benefits to Pearson
  • Ability to manage distribution of all Pearson products from a single entry point at Aggregion platform
  • Licensing mechanisms allow to control the distribution of products and their use by customers
  • Digital Pearson content is protected and remains securely with Pearson at all times
  • Once product license is created, it may be channeled through multiple distribution paths
  • Access to all present and future distribution channels integrated with Aggregion platform
  • Ability to sell digital products in offline as well as bundling with third-party digital products
  • Live reports on sales and distributor performance, user behavior, usage detalization

Offline: Direct Sale of Digital Products

Pearson is able to perform direct sale of digital products in offline retail stores. Descriptions of Pearson products are printed on cards that are displayed in the store's 'digital products' section. When scanning the card at Point of Sale terminal, the customer is issued an automatically generated activation code printed on the paper receipt. 

The process:
  • A Pearson product, such as digital book, is created in Aggregion platform
  • Pearson sells the product license to distributors through the Aggregion paltform
  • Aggregion platforms generates activation codes tied to a product license
  • Card is scanned at POS and the terminal prints a paper receipt with activation code
  • Customer activates the code online at a special Aggregion-powered portal
  • Customer receives access to content via protected Aggregion channel

Offline: Physical+Digital Product Bundling

Pearson physical products (such as paper textbooks) may now be bundled with Pearson’s own or third-party digital products in offline retail stores. Bundling increases the attractiveness of Pearson’s paper textbooks to the potential customer and produces value added. The reverse is also possible, of course, and Pearson’s digital products may be bundled with third-party physical products.

In this case, Pearson's ELT (English Language Teaching) paper textbooks are bundled with Disney's cartoons, accessible online in the original English language. The Disney cartoons are a complimentary product to Pearson's ELT textbooks as they help students to learn English by watching original language programming.

The process:
  • A Pearson product such as paper textbook is created in Aggregion platform
  • Pearson physical product is bundled with Disney’s digital cartoons in the platform
  • Activation codes for Disney cartoons are printed on the receipt at Point Of Sale when buying a Pearson book
  • Disney's cartoons are viewable online and may be used as a study guide for Pearson's ELT textbooks

Online: Direct Sale of Digital Products

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Integration and Delivery

Aggregion powers Pearson’s online distribution of its digital products through Language 360, one of Pearson’s exclusive distributors. The solution is scalable and further integrations with Pearson’s distributors on other markets are in progress.

The process:
  • Pearson digital books are uploaded to Aggregion’s Azure Cloud hosting
  • Aggregion platform is integrated with distributors’ online stores
  • Pearson digital books are sold online; distributor handles financial processing
  • Customers receive access to purchased Pearson content through protected Aggregion channel
  • Pearson has full control of the distribution process and live sales data
Pearson L360.png

The Language 360 online store where Pearson digital books are sold is integrated with the Aggregion platform, pulling metadata and pricing information from the platform and displaying on the site. The product licenses are managed by the local distributor, Language 360, while Pearson retains control and visibility.

Online: Physical+Digital Product Bundling

The online e-commerce distribution channel for the Pearson Education and The Walt Disney Company partnership. The Pearson ELT books are sold through Ozon, one of the largest online retailers in CIS. Pearson ELT paper books are bundled through Aggregion platform with Disney cartoons and are sold as a single product, with Disney participating in revenue sharing.

The process:
  • Pearson textbooks and Disney cartoons are combined together to create a new product in Aggregion platform
  • The online retailer is integrated with Aggregion platform to pull product licenses and metadata
  • When purchasing the product bundle online, an activation code is provided to the customer
  • Disney's cartoons are viewable online and may be used as a study guide for Pearson's ELT textbooks

Example of Pearson+Disney bundle sold at Ozon


Client Testimonials

While Aggregion aims at delivering the highest quality interactive multimedia content to effectively implement the modern educational solutions, the partnership of the companies will make Pearson digital content available for the markets in a new and efficient way.

Marek Jakimowicz, VP Central and Eastern Europe, Pearson Education