Case: Intel

Promo: Bundling Of Digital Products With Hardware

The partnership of Aggregion and Intel is a demonstration of how the Aggregion platform may be used for promotional campaigns and the bundling of digital products with hardware. Intel's "Training For The Future" campaign showed how the Aggregion technology can achieve a win-win situation for all participants and create a new distribution channel which involved hardware manufacturers, offline retail stores, and publishers of educational content.

  • Increased attractiveness of Intel devices and Intel brand to users of digital products
  • Shown increased sales of Intel devices during the promo campaign
  • Publishers received new customers and additional distribution channels
  • Offline and online retailers were able to sell additional units of Intel devices
  • Customers and students received legal digital content at a discounted price
The Process

The promotional campaign was a collaboration between Intel, Aggregion, online stores, large offline retail chains and the publishers of educational content. Intel handled the advertising while Aggregion platform was used to manage the distribution channel between the publishers and the end customers. The product licenses were set up so that special discounts were given only to users of the Aggregion app on Intel-powered devices. The publishers retained full control of their content which was delivered to the users through the Aggregion app. The license period for the content eventually expired after the promo period ended.

  • A special agreement was reached between Intel, Aggregion, and publishers
  • Intel devices were promoted as carrying special discount prices on digital content
  • Customers purchased an Intel device and downloaded the Aggregion app
  • The app would automatically detect processor type of the device on which the app was installed
  • If the processor was Intel, then the app would automatically provide discounts on digital content
The Results
  • 203,000 Intel devices with an activated Aggregion app were purchased in 2015 alone
  • Over a million product licenses were purchased (5 licenses per device on average)
  • Aggregion integration with Intel TPM increased the content protection from piracy
  • Integration with Intel WiDi allowed to securely stream content from a mobile Intel device (notebook, ultrabook, tablet) over WiFi to a Smart TV
  • Aggregion optimized and increased the performance of multimedia content specifically on Intel devices and processors
The Advertising
Intel promo.png

The Intel promotional campaign was advertising widely via various online and offline marketing channels, including billboard ads in the underground.

Client Testimonials

The key component of the Intel Training for the Future program is the availability of modern learning materials developed by leading international publishers for lessons, project work, and independent student research. Now you can access them using the Aggregion platform developed with the support of the Intel Corporation.”

Dmitry Konash - Intel Regional Director in Russia and CIS