Case: Hueber

Hueber, Germany’s leading publisher of print and digital educational literature, has been a long standing partner of Aggregion. Having been fully integrated with the Aggregion platform, Hueber was able to distribute its digital content through Aggregion’s partner network and deliver it to educational institutions such as universities and schools.

Benefits to Hueber
  • Hueber, previously a print-only publisher, received an ability to distribute its digital content through Aggregion globally
  • Through Goethe Institut, Hueber has opened a new distribution channel to reach a worldwide audience of universities and students
  • Now a part of Aggregion network, Hueber can now explore additional distribution opportunities through Aggregion global partners
  • Aggregion platform and Digital Library solution has allowed Hueber to provide its digital content to universities and students at flexible terms (library model, subscription, acquisition)

Education: Goethe Institut Digital Library

Goethe Institut is German cultural education institution with over 160 locations available worldwide. The project between Hueber, Goethe Institut and Aggregion was an implementation of Aggregion’s Digital Library model, allowing publishers, such as Hueber, to deliver their digital content to universities and students through a convenient user-friendly portal.

The Process
  • Hueber digital catalog has been integrated with the Aggregion platform
  • A special discounted yearly plan and loyalty program for Goethe students was worked out between Hueber and the Institut
  • The ready-made Digital Library solution was adapted to the Goethe Institut requirements
  • The Hueber digital catalog was available through the Aggregion platform at the Goethe Institut digital library as per the licensing conditions agreed
The Results
  • With Aggregion’s end-to-end delivery pipeline, Hueber content was protected while students could use the content also on their own devices through Aggregion’s book readers
  • The Digital Library solution allowed for a variety of usage models such as rental (library model), subscription and acquisition
  • The roll out of the replicable Digital Library solution was completed in just over 1 week
  • Through online Digital Library solution Hueber content was accessible by students and faculty worldwide
The Evidence

Aggregion solutions for Hueber were used for online as well as offline education.