Case: The Walt Disney Company

In partnership with The Walt Disney Company we have run a number of projects to demonstrate the capabilities of the Aggregion platform. The goal was to showcase the solutions that allow to control the distribution chain and launch products into multiple distribution channels from a single point of entry.

In progress are projects in the areas of mobile applications, Smart TV, and product licensing for use in third-party solutions.

Benefits to Disney
  • Ability to manage distribution of all Disney products from a single entry point at Aggregion platform
  • Licensing mechanisms allow to control the distribution of products and their use by customers
  • Original Disney content is protected and remains securely with Disney at all times
  • Once product license is created, it may be channeled through multiple distribution paths
  • Access to all present and future distribution channels integrated with Aggregion platform
  • Ability to sell digital products in offline as well as bundling with physical third-party products
  • Live reports on sales and distributor performance, user behavior, usage detalization
Single Point of Entry at Aggregion Platform

Disney Aggregion login.png

Promotional and Customer Loyalty Campaigns

In partnership with Walt Disney Russia, a large international retail chain Auchan has launched a special New Year promotional campaign for valued customers: a free viewing of Star Wars: A Force Awakens movie. The film was viewable online from a landing page at The campaign was powered by Aggregion technology.

The process:
  • The Star Wars film content was hosted at the Aggregion platform through Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Product license was created by Disney and activation codes generated specifically for that license
  • Upon purchase, the activation codes were printed on paper receipts at Point Of Sale terminals
  • Customers activated their codes through the validation form at landing page
  • Aggregion platform verified the code and granted access as per Disney's product license
  • The film was then streaming directly to the landing page via Aggregion's secure video player

Offline: Complimentary Digital+Physical Product Bundling

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Product Management

In partnership with Pearson Education and Aggregion, Disney was able to bundle its digital cartoons with Pearson English Language Teaching (ELT) paper textbooks and sell them in various retail stores. The cartoons were used by students to study English as complimentary material to textbooks.

The process:
  • Pearson textbooks and Disney cartoons were hosted on Aggregion platform through Azure Cloud
  • The two product types were combined together to create a new product in Aggregion platform
  • Activation codes are generated and printed on paper receipt at Point of Sale using Intel technology
  • Students activated the codes on a special Disney landing page powered by Aggregion
  • The Disney content is streamed directly to the page from Azure Cloud using protected video players
Walmart receipt 2.png

Example of paper receipt printed at the Point Of Sale cashier terminals. The receipt contains the code that may be activated through the Aggregion platform to receive access to digital content.

Online: Complimentary Digital+Physical Product Bundling

The online e-commerce distribution channel for the Disney and Pearson Education partnership. The Pearson ELT books are sold through Ozon, one of the largest online retailers in CIS. Pearson ELT paper books are bundled through Aggregion platform with Disney cartoons and are sold as a single product, with Disney participating in revenue sharing.

The process:
  • Pearson textbooks and Disney cartoons are combined together to create a new product in Aggregion platform
  • The online retailer is integrated with Aggregion platform to pull product licenses and metadata
  • When purchasing the product bundle online, an activation code is provided to the customer
  • Students activate the codes on a special Disney landing page powered by Aggregion
  • The Disney content is streamed directly to the landing page from Microsoft Azure Cloud using protected video players
  • The customers' access to the cartoons is governed by the product license parameters set up by Disney

Example of Disney+Pearson bundle sold at


Customer Testimonials

We have tested the Aggregion platform and found the results to be interesting and promising. The potential of this platform is very high. Most important advantage of using the Aggregion platform is successful resolution of technical issues related to digital licensing.

Vladimir Devyatkin, Digital Distribution Director, The Walt Disney Company CIS