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Use Cases

We are strategically inclined to continuously expand the capabilities of the Aggregion rights governance solution. Below is a curated selection of both real life use cases as well as conceptual scenarios being developed now for near-future applicability. The list of not exhaustive, just the scenarios that best illustrate the cross-industry reach of Aggregion on the cutting edge where the digital and physical worlds merge. The list is constantly updated.

Data Governance: Security and Protection

Data is the new oil, a vastly untapped potential. 73% of consumers would be willing to share their private data — and profit from it — if only they had a way to license, control and track it. Businesses want this data, of course, for many reasons. What is missing is a solution to enable data distribution and licensing between all participants. With support of Intel and the SGX technology, Aggregion is expanding the platform capabilities to include the licensing and control of any type of consumer data C2B2B and enable businesses to legally and transparently exchange data for mutual benefit.

To do this, Aggregion is developing a governance protocol through which digital data objects may be securely distributed and transparently monetized in compliance with data privacy protection legislation.

Intel SGX enables blockchain-based applications to preserve the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive code and data through hardware-based memory encryption that isolates specific application code and data in memory.

Aggregion integration with the Intel SGX technology provides secure licensing authorization on hardware level of any data collecting or generating ‘smart’ IoT device: mobile phones, retail Point of Sale terminals, cars, banking transactions, medical devices, cameras, or any other utilizing SGX enabled Intel chipset.

This integration is a part of a much larger Aggregion project: the Universal User Digital Profile, placing the consumers in the driver seat of their private data, much like the media and software copyright holders. Consumers may specify conditions on which their data might be licensed and track how businesses exchange and trade this data B2B through any usage scenarios. A data marketplace governed by smart contracts and AI will automatically route this data and report usage and transfer royalties back to the users.

  • Parameters for each digital object: data type, price, licensing conditions, etc., enforced by the platform between the business participants
  • Each transaction is secure, verifiable, and immutable, recorded on the Aggregion blockchain (node available at Microsoft Azure Marketplace)
  • Billing module calculates data utilization and distributes AGR tokens as internal financial settlement (convertible to fiat or cryptocurrencies)
Project status
In Progress

Education: Print On Demand

An important project with Pearson and Canon to enable students to print entire paper books on printers at a public library. Unlike traditional local printing, through Aggregion platform copyright holders can control the licensing conditions for each book and the protected content is stored remotely.

Students in the pilot library (LIBFL, Library of Foreign Literature) may select Pearson books from library’s online catalog and in under 10 minutes an industrial Canon printer will print and stitch together the entire book. The whole end-to-end licensing process is managed through the Aggregion platform, which is integrated directly with the Canon printers and with the library’s online catalog. As more copyright holders engage this capability, consumers will have access to a wider selection of books (or any printed materials) and, as more vendors adopt the technology, be able to print them on home printers.

This is a key step in development of the Aggregion IP Flow process, which covers the licensing flow from copyright holders into manufacturing of physical products. Foreseeable next step in development of this technology is to enable 3D printing capabilities for consumers (print licensed blueprints at home) and for businesses (industrial grade printing at factories).

  • Copyright holders can control the product licensing conditions (smart contract) on any level of detail, and down to each specific user, printer, and location
  • Unlike traditional local printing, the content is not stored on computers or even the library network: copyright holder retains the content and it is delivered to each printer as required for each licensing iteration
  • Now that the licensing scenario and integration has been set up, it is easy to roll out to additional channels (libraries, schools, workplaces, etc)
  • As part of the Aggregion ecosystem all additional copyright holders will have distribution access to all channels and consumers at all additional channels will have access to catalogs of all copyright holders
Project status

Hardware: Bundling with Digital Content

Intel’s “Training For The Future” promotional campaign illustrated how the Aggregion technology may be used to achieve a win-win situation for all participants by combining digital products with hardware.

The promotional campaign was a collaboration between Intel, Aggregion, online and retail channels, device manufacturers, and the publishers of educational content. Intel handled the advertising while the Aggregion platform was used to manage the licensing relationships between all the participants and end customers.

The campaign promoted a selection of Intel-powered devices (notebooks, tablets, etc) to include free digital content as a part of the offer. Customers installed the Aggregion app, which automatically checked for the device processor type. If processor was determined as Intel, then the app offered free subscriptions to educational content, as per licensing conditions from publishers.

  • 203.000 Intel devices were purchased in this campaign and over 1 million licenses activated.
  • Aggregion integration with Intel TPM increased the content protection from piracy
  • Integration with Intel WiDi allowed to securely stream content from a mobile Intel device (notebook, ultrabook, tablet) over WiFi to a Smart TV
  • Aggregion optimized and increased the performance of multimedia content specifically on Intel devices and processors
Project status

Education: Smart School

Samsung Smart School was an educational interactive classroom project sponsored by Samsung and powered by Aggregion technology.

Samsung provided GALAXY Note 10.1 tablets with electronic S Pens for students as replacement for paper textbooks and notepads. Samsung ME 65B interactive screens were used instead of traditional blackboards. The tablets were running the Aggregion app through which students had access to educational content from the world’s leading publishers.

Project status