Bitcoin Etherium Classic mastercard Group 14

AGR Wallet

AGR licensing instruments enable Aggregion participants to use the platform services on transactional basis. We will be gradually raising the value of AGR over time in order to encourage ‘early bird’ model and reward the trust of our clients who help Aggregion grow.

AGR Pricing Schedule
Price for 1 AGR
$0.05 USD
01 Jun, 2019
$0.06 USD
AGR Fee Structure
Cost of a licensing transaction
0.4 AGR

Cost of traffic (per 128kb)
0.00025 AGR

Cost of storage (per GB/hour)
0.0003 AGR
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AGR Limits

To ensure that the blockchain solution scales gracefully, for time being we limit the AGR purchase amounts to $300,000 USD per month total for all users in the system.

Corporate and Partnerships

For large AGR purchase amounts and corporate deals please contact our sales team. We will do our best to accommodate large projects on special terms.