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What is AGR?

AGR (AGgregion Right) is an internal transactional instrument that enables participants to use the platform services: launching licensing transactions as well as pay for content delivery traffic and cloud storage. AGR’s are purchased from Aggregion and are placed in a special wallet connected to user’s account. Most current price and fee structure can be found at the AGR Wallet page.

What are licensing transactions?

A licensing transaction is the creation of a smart contract between two business participants (a B2B transaction) or between a business participant and a customer (a B2C transaction). C2C transactions are also possible. This smart contract is an electronic license to distribute or use a certain digital product according to parameters and conditions specified by copyright holder. One transaction costs a fraction of an AGR.

What are storage and traffic fees?

Digital content (such as video, ebooks, software, etc) is stored in external cloud storage integrated with the Aggregion platform. Once license is activated by end customer, content is delivered directly to the customer’s device or a web page (or however the scenario is designed), incurring traffic fees.

Participants may use either their own CDN (Content Delivery Network) or Aggregion’s CDN (which is primarily Microsoft Azure). In case of participants using own CDN suppliers, no fees are charged by Aggregion as participants pay suppliers directly. There are storage and traffic fees for using Aggregion’s Microsoft Azure CDN (translated into AGR).

How can I buy AGR?

At the moment you can buy AGR only directly from Aggregion. AGR’s are sold through the Aggregion App ( and you need to have an account in the App in order to deposit AGR into your Wallet. Accepted are Visa/Mastercard, Bitcoin, Etherium, as well as direct wire transfers (for corporate customers and AGR partners). Please see pricing and conditions at the AGR Wallet page. We reserve the right to deny sale to any individual or legal entity as per our AML/KYC policy.

How do I install the AGR wallet?

Please follow the AGR Wallet instructions on GitHub on how to create a new account and to generate private and public keys.

Why is there a pricing schedule and a monthly limit?

Our strategy is to gradually adjust the price of the AGR as we roll out new features and capabilities of the platform, increasing its value for all participants. At the same time, we limit the amount of AGR’s sold per month to ensure that the growth of our company correlates with our ability to provide top quality service and support to our clients and partners.

How can I become an AGR distribution partner?

AGR partners are our allies in the growth and scaling of the Aggregion ecosystem. Please drop us a line at or contact Nukri Basharuli directly, we can discuss terms.

Can I sell AGR’s?

To ensure compliance with the legal requirements at our target markets, at the moment we do not allow AGR’s to be converted to fiat or cryptocurrency. Participants of the platform may transfer AGR’s to each other on their own terms within the Aggregion ecosystem. However, as our strategic goal is to establish AGR as de facto standard for financial settlements between licensing participants and enable purchasing and sale of digital products through the platform, we hope (and believe!) that the legal framework will catch up and coincide with our technical and operational ability to do so.

ERC-20 Contract

AGR also has an ERC-20 contract address: 0xe09f06F5379A135F67bCA85C693e9B5faC245079