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Tell me more about Aggregion

Envisioned in 2015 by Nukri Basharuli, a nuclear scientist gone serial entrepreneur, the Aggregion platform has launched into production in 2018. Self-funded, in addition to grants from Microsoft and Intel, Aggregion is privately owned and based in London, UK, with a distributed team of over 40 full time employees. In just under a year Aggregion has acquired some of the world’s top companies as clients and partners: Disney, Pearson, Microsoft, Intel, Tele2, and many others.

Who are your clients?

Our target client audience ranges from mid-size companies to major global brands: copyright holders, telecoms, retail chains, educational institutions, e-commerce, hardware and IoT vendors, software developers and integrators, manufacturers, airlines, government organizations, businesses, banks, and many others, as well as millions of end customers. Our clients come from different industries, but are united by a simple criteria: they are either licensors or licensees of intellectual property, or have other relationships based on the fundamental concept of right.

What verticals do you serve?

Our selected horizontal niche is intellectual property licensing and rights governance. However, inside this narrow focus, the vertical opportunities are nearly unlimited: rights and rules are such a fundamental concept that are applicable to practically any scenario.

Which markets do you operate in?

We are a UK company and as such our primary operational focus has been on Europe. However, some of our largest and most valued clients are US companies (Disney, Microsoft, etc) and we work with their subsidiaries in Europe. Two next strategic directions is to expand operations to North America and APAC. NA hosts some of the world’s top copyright holders, while APAC is a region with the world’s largest population of end customers.

What is your growth strategy?

Aggregion growth strategy is driven not just by technology and product creation, but also by a very strong business development component, spearheading the campaign to convince the world that Aggregion platform will be able to resolve the issue of trust on a global scale.

Our strategy for bringing new participants into the platform has elements of snowball effect. Once a major copyright holder believes in our project, they will onboard their existing partners: distributors, channels, or even other copyright holders, because the process works only when all parties involved are connected. We have successfully tested this in practice. We are creating an ecosystem which is beneficial to all its participants, even competitors.

What is your scaling strategy?

Aggregion is primarily a software development company and we would like to keep our team focused, agile, and relatively small. Our main scope of work is the development of the Aggregion Core — the blockchain and rights governance architecture — as well as perfection of the Aggregion Platform and App. In order to scale gracefully, we envision that non-production tasks will be allocated to our trusted partners: business transformation management, community support, business development and AGR partners, dApp developers, and others.

What is your business model and revenue source?

Aggregion’s primary revenue source comes from the sale of platform services (measured in AGR’s) to our clients. Additionally, we charge for customizations implemented into the platform as per clients’ requirements.